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What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology is a discipline that uses natural means to fix problems with the brain and its relationships with the rest of the body. The doctor first identifies regions of the brain or other aspects of the nervous system that are not functioning well.  Then, utilizing natural sensory inputs into those weakened systems, the functional neurologist can help strengthen those areas and restore lost vitality.  It is, simply put, exercise and therapy for optimizing brain function.

Functional neurologists require extensive post-graduate training in diagnosis and conservative treatment methodologies for the management of non-emergency neurological issues and post-injury rehabilitation.  

This cutting-edge field is constantly adapting (as any healthy organism must) with changes in scientific knowledge about how the brain works as well as introducing or adapting novel therapeutic approaches for specific problems.  



Neurology and Chiropractic

Functional neurology is a blending of many disciplines such as medical neuroscience, physical and occupational therapy, audiology, optometry, psychology and of course the science and philosophy of chiropractic.

The heart of chiropractic philosophy:

Investigating the neurological or other physiological causes of most subluxations or other imbalances and applying functional neurology and its additional therapeutic tools impact the likelihood of correcting the underlying cause of the dysfunction, ensuring a more complete recovery and help prevent the return of old patterns.  

In short, optimizing structure allows for better adaptability to stress, giving you greater health capacity, less pain, fewer injuries, improved vitality and a better quality of life!

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