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Frequently Asked Questions


How does a Functional Neurologist differ from a Medical Neurologist?

Conventional neurology focuses largely on the diagnosis and treatment of structural pathology or injury to the nervous system utilizing primarily drugs and surgery to treat disease.  Challenges affecting mood or behavior are left largely to their psychiatrist counterparts.  In Functional Neurology, the treatment application is based on using the inherent plasticity of the brain to impart changes by strengthening regions of the brain using different environmental stimuli. The nervous system can be changed, and the chiropractic neurologist can choreograph those changes for each individual based upon the findings of their neurological examination and the application of conservative therapy.


What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity describes the fact that the brain is able to change and adapt over time.  It is the basis of all learning, where life experiences and different demands on the body result in adjustments to functional capacity to meet the changing needs of the individual. Just as our muscles adapt, changing in size and strength when we ask them to do different tasks, so does our brain change to meet the demands made upon it.  


I feel fine, why choose a Functional Neurologist now?

Prevention!  It's all about how well the brain ages.  As a society, we are living longer and longer.  In addition, our modern world exposes us to more and more insults - chemical, physical and psychological.  As we age, we become more susceptible to these challenges and our brains begin to age (lose vitality) over time.  By undergoing a thorough neurological examination now, your chiropractic neurologist can identify areas of the nervous system that are not working quite as well as they should and provide recommendations on treatments, exercises and other strategies to improve function and reduce the impact of neurodegeneration allowing you to maintain higher levels of function over a longer period of time.  


What's in a name?

I chose the name for my clinic so that it would reflect my philosophy of care.  Health care should not be about treating symptoms, but instead improving the body's own natural ability to heal itself by restoring balance.  Bringing the body back into balance takes a holistic approach, including chiropractic care, exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and good mental health practices.

Also, healthcare should focus on prevention of disease for people of all ages.  It is my goal to become an integral part of the health education and care for my patient's entire families.

The word TIFERET is an ancient Hebrew word meaning beauty, within the context of something being in a perfect balance.

Beauty requires health, and optimal health requires there to be a state of balance in the body.

Chiropractic neurology treats imbalances in the nervous system.  When the nervous system is not operating efficiently, the body is less able to heal and adapt to changes in its environment.  When the imbalances are corrected as a result of care, the nervous system is able to function more optimally and thus do what it is designed to do - control and coordinate every system in the body and continuously direct the body's self healing mechanisms.

And the ability of the body to heal itself is truly a beautiful thing.


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