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If you are scheduled for an initial intake appointment, please feel free to download our new patient forms below.  Taking the time to fill out the forms ahead of time improves the quality of information available to the doctor in diagnosing your condition.


Where to find us.  Tiferet Chiropractic Neurology is a member of Portland Natural Health, a holistic healthcare cooperative located at:

1221 SE Madison Street, Portland OR 97214  

Office: 503-445-7767   Fax: 503-459-4221



You may contact us either by calling the office number above or by emailing Dr Herold at:  email

Dr. Herold's Clinic Hours:

Monday       9:00am   -    5:00pm

Wednesday  9:00am   -    5:00pm

Thursday     9:00am   -    7:00pm

Friday         9:00am   -    3:00pm

Weekends:    emergency or special arrangement only


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