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At Tiferet Chiropractic Neurology, we believe in keeping our community healthy, which is why we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients with innovative services. Get in touch to find out more or to book an appointment.

Chiropractic and Craniosacral Therapy

Quality Care

Dr. Herold employs a variety of both traditional chiropractic techniques and gentle low force adjustment styles using activator instruments, light touch and craniosacral therapy for those who prefer or respond better to a lighter approach.  Dr. Herold encourages feedback from patients about what styles they respond best to so as to ensure that you are comfortable and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Lab Tests and Functional Medicine

Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle for improved health and function provides a foundation for other therapies to be more successful and better maintained.

For more complex conditions it helps to make decisions based on the most accurate data possible.  Dr. Herold is happy to review any current lab work you may have and will recommend/order specialty labs to evaluate for toxicity, infection, autoimmune reactions, food sensitivities, etc. so your care can be customized to your unique challenges.  
Recommendations for lifestyle changes may be offered such as supporting proper sleep, anti-inflammatory diet, appropriate exercise, stress management and avoidance of toxins.  
Advanced imaging like MRI, x-rays or ultrasound may also be recommended depending on your presenting history and exam findings.

Therapies and Brain Rehab

Optimizing brain function and guiding recovery

Functional neurology uses a variety of rehabilitation approaches to stimulate brain pathways and enhance plasticity of the nervous system to improve function and endurance.  These exercises are often done at home, but some will be performed in the office where adjunctive therapies can be utilized to maximize your progress.  
Additional therapies may involve the use of low level laser therapy, sound technologies, electrical stim or vibration inputs, pulsed EMF, far-infrared heat, oxygen, etc.

Neurofeedback and iLs sound based brain training technologies.

Neuroptimal, Focus by iLs, Safe and Sound Protocol

Dr. Herold offers a neurofeedback system called Neuroptimal for in office brain training.  During the therapy the patient can be seated or laying comfortably on their back and will listen to gentle music/soundscapes.  The computer monitors their brain waves and helps the brain learn how to move towards a more balanced expression of brain wave frequencies by creating interruptions in the music.  The changes are based on the brain learning and responding without any outside manipulation, it simply moves towards a normal and balanced output over time.  Typically neurofeedback is most effective in doses of 10-20 sessions.  

Dr. Herold offers home rental of the iLs Focus program equipment for music based brain retraining coupled with physical exercise protocols.  Different patterns of frequency filtration in a set of classical music tracks help to target and correct issues with Sensory/Motor Processing, Focus/Concentration and Reading/Auditory Processing.  Programs are one to several months in duration and take a commitment of 30-60 minutes a day.  

SSP, the Safe and Sound Protocol, is another music based program that utilizes decades of research by Dr. Porges into the Polyvagal System, using songs with certain frequencies filtered out to train audio-processing and exercise middle ear muscles to improve vagal tone, dampen sympathetic 'fight/flight' activity and help the brain recognize safe vs threatening environments.  The program typically takes about 10-14 days, with listening 30 minutes per day.  

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